Ridgewell Skies

Our Fleet Of Gliders & Launch Equipment

PW6 (2 owned)



The PZW PW6. We have two of these Polish training gliders. Made entirely of glass fibre the PW6 is a later design than the ASK-K13 and has a higher performance. The PW6 is easy to fly, but is not easy to fly well making it an ideal stepping stone to higher performance single seaters.

Grob Astir 


The Grob Astir. This is the club single seat glider. It has a good performance with a retractable undercarriage. It has a large cockpit, so it can be flown in comfort by almost everyone.

ASK 13 


The Schleicher K13 must have trained more pilots than any other glider worldwide. Designed in Germany and first flown in 1966, gliding clubs worldwide have used this dependable workhorse as a trainer. The K13's rugged wood, fabric and glass fibre construction make it ideally suited to the heavy workload of being a club trainer.

Our K13 has been repainted and extensively overhauled by Vintage Fabrics.

The K13 is painted in the colours of the

USAF's 381st Heavy Bombardment group

that was stationed at Ridgewell during WW2.

Centrair 201




The Marianne is owned by a club member who generously allows the club to operate it. The Marianne's 19 metre span gives it a long legged cross country performance making it ideal for longer training flights.

Come for a short trip and follow a training flight in

the two seater Centrair Marianne featured in this video.

Piper Pawnee


The Piper Pawnee is an agricultural aircraft that was produced between 1959 and 1981.

Designed for crop spraying, this robust agricultural workhorse lends itself well to glider towing and is used widely by gliding clubs all around the world.

Our aircraft is a particularly good example of its type.

SKYLAUNCH Glider Launching Winch

The winch was built for us by 'SKYLAUNCH'. It is powered by a V8 General Motors engine,the 'Big Block Chevvy' and has the sort of power that the name suggests! The engine drives one or other of two very large drums through an automatic gearbox. The drums pull the cable which is six millimetre diameter DYNEEMA, an artificial fibre rope of enormous strength and low weight. The winch driver selects the appropriate drum and waits for instructions from the launch point by radio. From the moment that he (or she!) gets the message, it takes about thirty seconds to put a glider into the air at between a thousand and fifteen hundred feet. We are very eco-friendly. It runs on LPG. Winch drivers are friendly too so you could come and sit in the cab and see the whole operation.


Dave Jones, (Launch Master).

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