Club Membership



Annual Subscription Rates: Adult Full Flying Membership: £350.00


Family Flying Membership: £450.00 (2 adults and 2 children under 21 years old). Immediate family only


Under 21 Full Flying Membership: £75.00, (Only if not in full employment)

An Affordable Membership Scheme is available for those, who because of low income, are not able to afford our standard fees click here for details

Flying members joining after April 1st, full annual subscription first year, the part year pro-rata second year


Rebate to voucher holders after trial flight: difference between member rate credited to flying account.


We welcome visits from members of other BGA Clubs


Flying Fees


Flying and club member charges .... 


Winch launch: £7.50

Aerotow 2000 ft: £20.00

Aerotow 3000 ft: £30.00


Fixed price to solo: £700.00



Glider hire .....


Single seat Astir or solo glider use of K13, PW6 or

Marianne: £0.35 per minute

K13, PW6 or Marianne use with an instructor: £0.50 per minute


Abandoned winch launch £2.50 below 500ft


Abandoned aerotow £17.50 below 1000ft


Trailer parking: £160 per year for members, £200.00 for non-members

It doesn't cost as much as you think!

Learn to fly solo for less than £1000.00. Fixed price to solo - £700.00!

Music 'Memories'

Mailing Address

Essex Gliding Club

c/o Breckenridge

Smiths Court

Thornwood, Essex

CM16 6BD

The Clubhouse

Ridgewell Airfield

Ashen Road




CO10 8JU

Flying days ...........
Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays.
Holiday flying weeks throughout the year, (refer to our calendar page).
Call us  

07538 639772 (Office)

No forwarding of text messages possible on this voice call forwarding service!

Contact: Tony Brook

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