Alex Harris-

Chief Flying Instructor


Photograph taken during a cold March day in 2016


Meet Our Gliding Instructors!

David Hertzberg, Deputy Chief

Flying Instructor

Picture taken in March 2016

From left to right -


Bob Cassels, (former DCFI)



Vince Earl, Fully Rated instructor,

(also pictured below)


Photograph taken during a trial

gliding lesson

Mike Harris, Gliding Instructor & commercial Pilot.

When Mike is not flying and instructing in gliders at our club, you will often find him in charge of a Boeing 737 full of passengers!


ATPL & PPL pilots benefit by learning how to fly gliders, find out more by clicking this link ....

Hugh Maddams in the back seat of our, (sold) K21 - G-EENK now replaced by our magnificent PW6 two seater

training gliders



Photograph taken over

Wattisham Airfield, (RAF Wattisham)

Dave Clarke is one of our Instructors with a Basic Instructor

Rating. You will often find Dave giving trial gliding lessons

to visitors to our club

Brian Murphy, for many years acting Chairman

of our gliding club whose contributions to the

club are very considerable


Brian holds a Basic Instructor Rating and often

gives trial lessons to visitors of our club

Matt Jones is a Basic Instructor and you will often find him instructing during the week

Cathy Dellar is a Basic Instructor and is the 'face' of our Facebook account

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