PHOTO SPHERES 360 - 3D Airfield Panoramas


Please click on the Photo Sphere logo to view our peaceful rural airfield site from our own customised Google Street View perspective


Use your mouse to rotate the camera view and to look up & down. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in & out. Browse backwards to exit Photo Sphere and return to our web page

Photo Sphere - Ridgewell Airfield

Camera Position: East End Of Main Grass Runway

This Photo Sphere was taken on quite weekday and demonstrates the big sky views that our airfield commands!

Photo Sphere - Ridgewell Airfield

Camera Position: West End Of Main Grass Runway

There are a few objects in the sky for you to find in this Photo Sphere. Though there is some distortion in this image, it conveys nicely the terrain aound this part of our airfield


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