Photographs from club members

Music 'Happiness'

Waist Gunner

Casey Bukowski. WW2 veteran Waist Gunner on B17's. Serving at Ridgewell with the 381st Heavy Bombardment Group

Misty morning

Visitor Casey Bukowski reviewing the site of Ridgewell Airfield where he was stationed during WW2 with the USAF 381st Heavy Bombardment Group

WW2 veteran Casey Bukowski USA

Visitor WW2 veteran Casey Bukowski with Jared Cummings. USA


Casey Bukowski

Visitor Casey Bukowski. Photo from USA

Casey interview

Casey in the launch control trailer

Casey tells us that he will return from the USA on his 100th birthday to fly at Essex Gliding Club once more!


A new syndicate owned glider joins our club



Clubhouse banter

USA visitor Casey, presented our gliding club with this wonderful poster

Boxing match

Casey Bukowski

Casey Bukowski, now 96, a crew member of B17 “Friday 13th” which was shot down over Germany in 1944. Casey and 3 others bailed and were taken prisoner until the war ended. Casey never returned to Ridgewell.


Rex`s 90th birthday flight 001

Dr Rex Hayden, (club member) taking a 90th birthday celebration flight!

Kevin King1

Kevin King took these pictures during a 5 hour flight in June 2019

Kevin King2

Kevin King3

Myeloma patient Steve Sabine

Steve Sabine front seat and pilot Tony Brook. October 20th 2018



Steve Sabine

Steve Sabine returns to our club after leaving in 1984. Steve was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2007 and is thriving and providing inspiration and hope for other Myeloma patients


Piper Pawnee


Gliding 'Taster Day' 2018


A selection of images from our 'Gliding Taster Day' 29th September 2018





Muhammad and DCFI Dave Hertzberg



Rana and Instructor Vince Earl

Our 'Gliding Taster Day' Sep' 2018

Our Gliding 'Taster Day' September 29th 2018. Flight instruction in the British Gliding Association gliding simulator



Gliding 'Taster Day' 2018




Gliding 'Taster Day' 2018


Gliding 'Taster Day' 2018

BGA at New Scientist Live 2018 - London

New Scientist Live. September 2018. Images from that day

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Grant Anderson visited from the USA

Grant Anderson's father was based at Ridgewell during WW2, home to the US Army Air Force 381st Heavy bombardment Group

PW6U - Unusual shot



EGC Club Grob Astir CS

Grob Astir CS

Sportability came to visit 8/8/2018






Sportability Passenger

Sportability passenger receives a briefing from David Hertzberg

K13 Takes To The Air!

Photograph by Charles Forsyth




Passenger Flight

Launch Point - July 2018

A beautiful day at the launch point. July 2018

Gliding Club Instructors

Surely this is not a reaction to my choice of music on our website! LOL

Ridgewell Village Fete. Gliding

Essex Gliding Club was at the Ridgewell village fete on 7th July 2018

Glider at Ridgewell fete

Ridgewell village fete

Ridgewell village fete with glider

Our stand at the Ridgewell village fete. Essex Gliding Club

Ridgewell Fete-c

Ridgewell Fete-a

Ridgewell Fete-b

Ridgewell Fete-d

Aero-Tow Preparation

Cathy And Her PW5

Alex And Nick - Winch Launch May Flying Week

Hard Work

Flying week May 2018

Flying Week May 2018

Steve Jessop Landing Behind K13

Steve Jessop Rounding Out His Landing

Camping On Site - May 2018 Flying Week

Camping on the airfield. Flying week May 2018

Cathy Landing Her PW5 v2

Pictures from our flying week. May 2018

Steve At The Controls

Steve at the controls

Steve Jessop Landing v2

Cathy Wire Launch - May 2018 Flying Week

Cathy Dellar takes to the air

Steve Jessop - Up And Away

Hard Work

Pictures from our flying week. May 2018

An Unusual View Of Our Pawnee

Photo credit to Cathy Dellar

Sportability visitors 2017

The Glide Britain Project

Helping Glide Britain

A photograph of EGC members taken on

Long Mynd. March 2017

Long Mynd 2017 Visit

Our trip to Long Mynd gliding club in March 2017 was spoilt by high winds, some members had to find other ways to entertain themselves!

Lenticular, (wave cloud)

Lenticular, (wave cloud) over Colorado USA. Photo by Allen Cherry 2017

Jake and Alex

Jake Smith who soloed in October 2016. Pictured here with his instructor Alex Harris, (right)

Glyn Long, (left) after solo

Glyn Long, (left) pictured here with CFI David Hertzberg after his first solo flight in one of our two PW6 gliders. Photos by Charles Forsyth

Glyn Long preparing for his solo!

Glyn Long preparing for his first solo flight in our PW6 glider. Candid shot from a distance

This is how I did it!

"This is how I did it!"

After the first solo! - Glyn Long

Glyn & Dave

Proud moment! Glyn Long's first solo flight. September 11th 2016

Bernard Parry soloed after a long lay off from gliding in 1966

Bernard Parry re-soloed in August 2016 after a long gap. He last flew solo in 1966!

Sportability visiting members

Members of Sportability came to visit and fly with us in August 2016

After the trial gliding lesson

Keith Horseman pictured here with Brian Murphy. Keith thoroughly enjoyed his time with us and sent us a message that can be viewed on our 'Purchase Gift Vouchers' page

Keith Horseman - Trial lesson

Keith Horseman enjoying a trial gliding lesson with Brian Murphy. The airfield runway is visible just to the right of the wing tip

Motley crew! - August course members

August gliding course members with CFI Dave Hertzberg. Photograph by Allen Cherry

Our launch winch - Cathy Dellar

Cathy Dellar took this shot of our winch!

Dramatic Malaysian clouds

More dramatic clouds from Malaysia courtesy of Tony Brook

Arcus cloud

Arcus cloud/Roll cloud in Malaysia courtesy of Tony Brook

Roll Cloud/Shelf Cloud in Malaysia

Shelf cloud in Malaysia courtesy of Tony Brook

Air Cadet T21 glider

Slingsby T21 visiting

Slingsby T21 visiting from Wethersfield airfiled, Essex. Saturday 30th July 2016

Kestrel on windsock - Copyright Charles Forsyth 2016

Kestrel on windsock - copyright Charles Forsyth 2016

Kestrel on top of portable aircraft hangar - Copyright Charles Forsyth 2016

Kestrel in flight

Kestrel in flight!

Kestrel perched on glider fin

Spot the Kestrel!

Kestrel flying under glider wing

Callum and Jake

Club members Callum and Jake doing some important stuff!

Callum's first solo

Callum (14yrs Old) first solo!

Callum (14yrs Old) first solo - July 2016

Kestrel on windsock - Banner

Kestrel on K13 wing

Essex Gliding Club Kestrel

Kestrel perched on top of glider fin

Kestrel on Marianne wing

Kestrel by Charles Forsyth - Copyright 2016

Kestrel on airfield sign

Soggy airfield in late July 2016

Soggy airfield in late July 2016

Bob Cassels running with glider wing

Thunderstorm sky

Thunderstorm sky

We have lift off!

Looking down over Ridgewell airfield

Looking down over Ridgewell airfield

Ralph Flying K13 EOF

Ralph Flying his ASW 20C


Ralph flying his ASW 20C

Hay bales destroyed by fire

Localised fire - 30-5-2016

Fire in our compound - 30-5-2016

Planet Ridgewell airfield

Tiny Planet - Ridgewell airfield

Marianne landing - Banner

Sunset at Long Mynd - March 2016

Long Mynd 2016

EGC members - Long Mynd visit 2016

Group photograph

Rigging PW6 - Long Mynd 2016

Astrid & Don Sigournay

Astrid Sigournay

Enjoying a meal - Long Mynd 2016

One of our PW6 gliders - Long Mynd

PW6 landing at Long Mynd 2016

Our PW6 - Long Mynd 2016

In line for launch - Long Mynd 2016

One of our PW6 training gliders


View over Long Mynd

Hangar packing at Long Mynd 2016

Lakenheath control ower - EGC visit

F15-E exhaust, RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath F15-E

Lakenheath visit F15-E

Lenticular clouds over Aboyne

Wave soaring over Aboyne Scotland

Allen Cherry's Marianne

Steve Jessop - ASK 13

Sunshine! - Cathy Dellar soaring

Steve Jessop - ASK 13

Our old K21 glider

Dave Jones & Blue Peter TV

BBC Blue Peter filming visit

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