Published on Jun 19, 2014

"I find it difficult enough to explain to fellow glider pilots let alone non-flyers the sense of wonder and awe I feel, not to mention the fun I have, when flying in the Alps and that is only in the small part that I have explored so far. The whole experience is made even better by the cool group of dudes I am fortunate enough to go adventuring with. I hope this goes some way in sharing the joy of soaring in Paradise". Balleka.

Pietro takes his first flight in a glider for his 10th Birthday present.  Essex Gliding Club

Published on Jul 23, 2013

Enjoy flying a declared 750km (466+ mile) triangle state record attempt in a high performance glider (sailplane) over a large part of Utah. The glider, an ASW 27B, took off from Cedar Valley Airport located just 25 miles south of Salt Lake City. Piloted by Bruno Vassel IV, this flight took just under six and a half hours

Published on Oct 17, 2014

Glider Aerobatic in a way you never seen it before! FIREWORKS, PYROTECHNICS and MASSIVE LED-Light

Glider Aerobatic Airshow in Twilight by Two-time World Champion in Advanced Aerobatics Johan Gustafsson


Videos from club members & other glider

pilots from around the world

Other great videos from Balleka!

Uploaded on Dec 1, 2011

"Finally another day at the seaside! Only 2 gliders with Eric and Mark in Duo Discus OL and myself in ASW20L M5 braved the conditions which were stonking for the milk run between Sidmouth and Beer Head but with the large westerly component in the wind of 240/25 kts and an increasing chance of showers we didn't venture any further east. The low winter sun made the views all that more spectacular and our adrenaline deficit has been topped up for a little while longer". Balleka

We could not resist linking two more YouTube videos from the ambassador of gliding to our website for your inspiration. Here are two more videos from Balleka

Red Bull X Glider Year Review 2015 -Luca Bertossio 

Gliding is so Freakin Fun! 

"A friend asked me to put together around 6 minutes of some of my favorite scenes I have taken when gliding / soaring around in my sailplane. Thought it might be fun to share. Hope you recognize these scenes from some of my other soaring videos. Pilot Bruno Vassel IV - B4 flying in a ASW-20B and ASW-27B 15-meter (50 feet wing span) sailplanes over Utah, Idaho and Wyoming" Bruno Vassel

A stunningly beautiful video with a cinematic quality. Delobel Gliding Channel

Published on 17 Apr 2012

"Had been playing in the rotor thermals for a while on the day of the video, and caught sight of the edge of a cumulus rotating faster than any cloud I've ever seen which lead to this. The glider is a Duo Discus flying from Santa Cilia, filmed with a Drift HD170. Fantastic stuff, apologies for the language"  Dan Smallbone

OK, yes I know it's not a glider but it's a Spitfire! Mk IX TR9 flown by one of our gliding

instructors, (sadly who has now left the club) Don Sigournay. The video was taken by one of the Spitfire's crew members following in a chase plane with a mobile phone camera. Essex Gliding Club

Two videos from our very own Alex Harris. Alex is now our Chief Flying Instructor at Essex Gliding Club and National Advanced Aerobatic Champion, nice one Alex!  Essex Gliding Club

Published on Apr 7, 2016

"This is the raw cockpit footage showing the run from Beer Head to Ladram Bay and then back again while on task. 5 beats gave a BGA ladder task distance of 63km. You may be able to get a feeling of how much fun I was having." Balleka

Published on 15 Mar 2016

Series 3, Episode 1 of 8 (29 Feb. 2016): A journey in the sky.
Robson begins by takes to the skies to get a bird's-eye view of Northumberland. He is given a lesson in flying a glider at a former RAF training base at Milfield, before going on a helicopter ride to Lancelot `Capability' Brown's birthplace at Kirkharle. Finally, Robson pays a visit to a farm that is home to more than 350 combine harvesters and improvise a song. ITV Television Production. Robson Green

Glider Winch Launch - Different Angles


Published on 23 May 2016

"I dreamt the night before winch launching our club glider out of Nephi, Utah that I stuck the GoPro onto the sailplane at a different angle for each launch. I woke up and thought - what a great idea! Well, we were able to get in a dozen winch launches so here are some of the views edited into one complete launch. I sure hope you enjoy!" Bruno Vassel

Published on 5 Mar 2016

Gliding Season 2015 by Padawan !! Follow me on my official website :

It's been an epic year with my first international competition, the 1st FAI WGC 13.5m in Pociunai, Lithuania, many thanks to my sponsors : Groupe NICAEA, Vuarnet and LX Navigation, to the FFVV : , to the French Gliding Team, to my coach and my partners for this incredible year of soaring. Follow the team :

Published on 4 Jan 2015

Gliding season 2014 near St Auban.
Sailplanes : JS1 revelation, Ventus 2ax, Discus 2a, Arcus, Nimbus 4D, Cirrus Std

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