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Women's Development Day (OGC) 26/01/2013

Oxford Gliding Club in the Oxford Mail (Ric Mellis) 02/2013

The Caroline Trust is a registered charity that supports British Gliding. The Caroline Trust objectives are to:


Encourage young people, especially women, to take up the sport of gliding.
Encourage and enable people with disabilities to participate in the sport.


Young people who have completed the required training can fly solo at aged 14 – and many will still be flying well into retirement. You can read more here about the what, where and who of the fantastic sport of gliding.

To date, the Caroline Trust has helped over 400 young people by providing solo or post-solo bursaries. It’s not only young and disabled people and their clubs that benefit. Caroline Trust bursaries have sparked interest and led to careers in aviation. By supporting British Gliding, the Caroline Trust also supports the UK’s aviation and aerospace industry.

There are six Caroline Trust trustees, all of whom are actively involved in gliding. The lead trustee is Yvonne Elliott. All donations and gifts are allocated to the Caroline Trust beneficiaries. No deductions are made for administration and no payments are made to Trustees. The Caroline Trust is the BGA’s adopted charity. The BGA provides this website and other support at no cost to the Caroline Trust.

Please help the Caroline Trust to support young glider pilots ....


The Caroline Trust relies on generous donations. As a registered charity, all donations may be supplemented by gift aid, as well as qualify for tax exemption for the donor. All bequests may be exempt from inheritance tax.

To donate, simply download the donor form and send the completed form to the Caroline Trust administrator, BGA Office, 8 Merus Court, Leicester, LE19 1 RJ.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for donating to the Caroline Trust, please contact the Caroline Trust treasurer in complete confidence via the BGA office.

Thanks very much for your interest.



Published on 17 Nov 2016


Cut down footage from that epic flight. Zoe and I went up to do some formation flying in 5GC (the portmoak 505) with A7 (a Wattisham ask21) and LOV (a portmoak ask21). Needless to say it was brilliant fun and lots of ridge bashing ensued. Lots of singing and lots of swearing. A typical flight for us then.


Survey About Women in Gliding




We’re doing a bit of research work to see if we can begin to identify factors that help to encourage women to glide, and call themselves glider pilots.

First up, we’re doing a rapid fire survey to establish a start point for other work. It would help us if you could spare a couple of minutes to answer these questions. The first two are top priority, the rest is nice to have – please do leave them unanswered if time is pressing. We have also taken this opportunity to check up on WGUK, so have thrown in a couple of questions at the end for you to let us know how we can be more helpful.

Jago waiting for a solo launch in one of our PW6U gliders. Jago is another one of our young solo pilots who has been inspired to persue a career as a commercial airline pilot. (Charles Forsyth 2016)

Anita, Tony and Joachin, (kneeling). Picture taken during our longest day flying celebration 19th June 2016. (Charles Forsyth 2016)

Cathy enjoying a late summer flight in her Ka6e wooden glider at Ridgewell

Cathy Dellar flying a Ka6e. A movie made at Ridgewell to promote women's gliding

2014 BGA Conference (Paul Morrison)

Jago Roberts-Coyne with

Chief Flying Instructor

David Hertzberg after

successfuly completing

her first solo gliding flight

in December 2013

Astrid & Don Sigournay enjoying a recent 2016 club trip to Long Mynd in Shropshire. Pictured here in one of our new PW6 gliders

Women's Worlds Issoudun (Claudia Hill) 07/2013

Gransden Nationals (Claudia Hill) 08/08/2014

Gransden Nationals (Claudia Hill) 10/08/2015

Liisi+Tigger - (Jon Christensen)​

Women's Worlds Issoudun (Conny Andersson)​ 07/2013

Women's Worlds Issoudun (Nick Hill) 07/2013

Women's Worlds Issoudun (Conny Andersson)​ 07/2013

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