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109 km triangle

Ridgewell to Diss and Stradishall.

Navigational Information:


Leg From  To                                                         Distance  Track Mag

1   RIW   DIS Diss Rail Bridge/A1066, East of town                    52.5 km    46 deg

2   DIS   STD Stradishall A143/B1063 E of 2 T-junctions N of village  45.9 km   238 deg

3   STD   RIW Ridgewell Airfield                                      11.2 km   178 deg


This is 109.7 km long and will benefit from cloud streets in South Westerly or North Westerly winds. This task keeps well away from Cambridge Airfield ILS & Mildenhall and Wattisham MATZ/ATZ, so it gives you more freedom to go in any direction to find lift. Rounding the turn points is often the trickiest part of any flight and almost inevitably you lose some height. These turn points are a long way from any controlled airspace, giving great freedom to go in any direction to find lift after the turn point. Rattlesden Gliding club is nearby on the way out and on the way back. Beware of Wattsiham MATZ and particularly the ATZ. If there is any risk of penetrating the ATZ, call them in plenty of time to avoid airspace infingement.

Warnings: Ridgewell is very difficult to see from a final glide. Use Stradishall, Haverhill and Clare to guide you in, and a GPS

Detailed turn point information based on Year 2017 list.




Rail Bridge/A1066

E of town, 12 NM ENE of Honington airfield.




612.54   279.28

52 22.221N     001 07.241E






E of 2 T-junctions N of village, 9 NMl SW of Bury St Edmunds

15 NM ESE Cambridge

574.78   253.05

52 08.886N     000 33.186E



A full list of BGA turning points can be downloaded via the British Gliding Association site:

On-route Navigational features and Gliding Clubs:

To DISS: Sudbury and Lavenham airfield and Wattisham A/F (long tarmac runway), Rattlesden G/C (difficult to see but worth putting in GPS), Bury on left, Stowmarket on right with railway junction to north, A45 There is a railway line heading NE from Stowmarket to Diss

To: Stradishall: Very easy, as its due south of Bury St Edmunds, and has a solar farm which you will have seen on local soaring flights.

To Ridgewell: Head due south from Stradishall.

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