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Fees & Membership

Flying Costs

Please see our price list below for details about the pricing of services at Essex Gliding Club.

Launch Costs:

Winch launch: £8.00
Aerotow 2000 ft: £30.00
                             £1 per extra 100 feet

Glider hire:

Single seat Astir or solo glider use of K13, PW6 or Marianne: £0.35 per minute
K13, PW6 or Marianne use with an instructor: £0.50 per minute

Simulator hire: £20.00 per hour


Essex Gilding Club is currently experiencing a very high demand from people wishing to join with us in the fantastic sport of gliding.

In order to effectively manage that demand we have created three categories of new membership; each catering for differing experience levels and with flexible waiting lists in place when appropriate.

These categories are:

Category 1 – No previous flying experience

Category 2 – Previous flying experience e.g. PPL or lapsed gliding experience.

Category 3 – Current Solo Glider Pilot

Category 1 candidates may join as a Training Member for one year. If, during that year you progress to solo flight you will automatically become a Full Flying Member of the club. If you do not achieve your first solo then you will need to reapply for Training Membership to be continued for another year. Instructor assessments along with attendance and involvement will be taken into account when advising on you on that continuation.

Category 2 candidates will undertake an assessment flight or flights by one of our instructors. If waiting lists are in place at that time you will be placed on a fast track as your training should take up fewer club resources. However, in the unlikely event that you do not gain solo flight within a year the same conditions for extending membership as those for Category 1 above will apply.

Category 3 applicants may become Full Members of EGC with immediate effect. Please make sure to provide proof of gliding qualifications and currency documents (i.e., Logbook).

Membership Costs

Annual Subscription Rates:

Adult Full Flying Membership: £350.00

Under 25 Full Flying Membership: £75.00

Trailer parking: £160 per year for members, £250.00 for non-members

Tug Pilot Membership - For Tug Flying Only: £175.00 


An Affordable Membership Scheme is available for those, who because of low income, are not able to afford our standard fees. See below.

To join our club as a member please fill out the contact form HERE and our membership secretary will get in touch with you. 

Flying members joining after April 1st, full annual subscription first year, then part year pro-rata second year.

*At Essex Gliding Club we classify anyone under the age of 25 as a junior.

Please read information regarding our affordability scheme here: 

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