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Essex Gliding Club Affordable Gliding Policy

Statement of Policy

The Essex Gliding Club (‘the Club’) believes that cost should not be a barrier to taking an active part in gliding.

Therefore, using the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) regulations for reference and considering each case on its individual merits, the Club Committee will consider applications from those who find the club’s standard tariff to be financially challenging.


The Affordable Gliding Scheme

Prospective and existing club members on low or modest incomes are invited to apply for preferential combined membership and participation rates under the Club’s ‘affordable gliding’ scheme. The scheme will provide eligible members with the opportunity to take part in club gliding activities, including flying in club aircraft for one winch-launched flight a week with up to 30 minutes of soaring, on a weekly basis which can be as low as £10.00. The lowest cost of affordable membership will be £520 per membership year, or pro-rated part thereof. The weekly flying allowance cannot be accumulated.

Applicants will need to satisfy the following scheme criteria:

  • That they are an existing club member or intend to become one

  • That the usual club rates for membership and participation raise concerns about affordability

In assessing applications the Club Committee will take in to account that the relationship between ‘income’ and ‘affordability’ is defined by each individual’s commitments and dependants, therefore the decision-making process will take into account each applicant’s discretionary income.​

  1. Receiving benefits from the affordable gliding scheme will not affect the usual rights or obligations of Club membership.

  2. The Club is a volunteer run club and therefore the Club Committee encourages all members to take part in the full range of gliding activities, including the very many voluntary tasks involved with running the gliding club. However, the Club Committee will not ask recipients of preferential rates under the Affordable Gliding Scheme to do anything more than is asked of other Club members in return for receiving those preferential rates.

  3. It is up to each individual to ensure they can afford £520pa; the Club is not obliged to offer any lower membership tariff. 

Application and Assessment Process

  • Potential applicants should contact The Club Secretary, who will explain the scheme, answer any questions and supply an application form.

  • Completed applications should be sent to The Club Secretary.

  • The Club Committee shall appoint an assessment panel to consider applications from club members in a timely manner.

  • The panel shall be made up of three Gliding Club Directors not related to the applicant.

  • Applications will be considered against the Club’s published Scheme criteria (above); the onus is on the applicant to show that they cannot afford the Club’s usual rates.

  • The panel will have discretion to consider each application individually and in isolation from other applications, as appropriate.

  • The panel has discretion to tailor solutions to accommodate individual need and will agree terms individually with successful applicants.

  • The outcome will be communicated in writing to the applicant.

  • Individual applications and agreements will be kept confidential. Any personal financial information provided by the applicant will be destroyed after the panel has made its decision. Copies will not be kept on file.

  • Applicants unhappy with any decision made by the panel have the right to appeal to the Club Committee. When considering the appeal, members of the relevant panel may speak but shall not vote on the outcome of the appeal.

  • The availability of and contact details for the ‘affordable gliding scheme’ will be put on the Club’s tariff information, wherever this is displayed.

  • There is no limit on the number of members on this scheme.

You can also read our child protection policy here:

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