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Safety Information

While flying is in progress access to our airfield has be restricted. Visitors are welcome however, there are no public rights of way on the airfield.


Please park in the car park to the left of the entrance to the airfield. Please be aware that while families are welcome, adults, children and dogs should keep to the Northern edge of the airfield and we ask that dogs be kept on a short lead at all times.


The launch point will be at either the left or right end of the airfield (depending on wind direction). The launch point will have a white control caravan and gliders, the opposite end will have a blue & yellow winch parked at it

You are welcome to walk to our launch point however we ask that you keep close to the Northern edge of our airfield and beware of any traffic (including Gliders and vehicles). Our winch cables may also be running down the field and are not easily visible in the grass. Please look out for the cables and stay clear of them.

Please see the image below of our club. Our car park is highlighted by the blue area and we ask you to keep within the red area when walking on our field.

Satellite View Of Site.png
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