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324 km Out and Return for NW and SE winds
Ridgewell to BLI Blidworth (North of Nottingham).
Navigational Information:


Leg From       To                                Distance  Track Mag

1  Ridgewell   BLI Roundabout 2NM NE of Village   164 km   319 deg

2  BLI         Ridgewell Airfield                 164 km   139 deg



Good for north westerly winds the route benefits from Cloud streets. As there is only one turnpoint, dead areas can easily be avoided in patchy weather. If winds are from North East the task may be ruined by sea air from the Wash.

Warnings: Beware of parachute drop zones at Peterborough Sibson and Langar 27km short of BLI.

Detailed turnpoint information based on Year 2001 list. Last update: 1 March 2001. Details the same as at 13 Jan 2015.


BLI 64 A

A617/A614 R'bout

Roundabout 2 NMl NE of village,

9 NMl NNE of Nottingham

20 WSW Lincoln


462.76 358.51

53 07.207N      001 03.821W



A full list of BGA turning points can be downloaded via the British Gliding Association site:


On-route Navigational features and Gliding Clubs:


To BLI : Newmarket, Cambridge, Upwood G/C, Peterborough, Rutland Water west of Peterborough, A1 all the way to BLI, Saltby GC, ( Lyveden G/C), Grantham, Nottingham to the west and Newark on Trent with Winthorpe GC to the east. There are several MATZ onroute, but if the conditions are good enough for a 300km then you can fly over them. As airspace rules are in flux, best check the status of your route before setting out. Military airfields are often quiet at weekends. Parachute drop zones are a much bigger hazard at weekends!

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