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509 km "BBB" route for W and WSW winds
Ridgewell to Bungay, Broadway, Bury.
Navigational Information:


Leg From       To                           Distance  Track Mag

1  Ridgewell  BUN Bungay 12Nm SSE Norwich      75 km   52 deg

2  BUN        BRO Broadway 10km S of Bidford  227 km  262 deg

3  BRO        BSE Bury St Edmunds             176 km   86 deg

4  BSE        Ridgewell Airfield               25 km  210 deg


Three turnpoints are permitted for diamond distance. This is a flat triangle oriented East West with an extra turn at Bury to achieve the full distance. This is optimal for WSW and west winds as it benefits from Cloud streets and the first and last soaring leg are downwind, when the thermals are weak. The last leg from Bury is final glide. Time can be gained by arriving low at the into wind turnpoint BRO, rounding the turnpoint, then climbing while drifting downwind on track. Bidford is 10km to north. Also suitable for light winds.

Warnings: Beware of Birmingham controlled airspace north of Banbury, Edgehill, Bidford and Intense parachuting at Weston on the Green (south of Hinton on the Hedges which also has some parachuting)

Detailed turnpoint information based on Year 2001 list. (1997 AL4) Last update: 1 March 2001. All details correct as at 13 Jan 2015.


BUN 96 A

A143/B1332 Roundabout

1 NMl N of village

12 SSE Norwich 134

633.90 290.67

52 27.832N      001 26.509E



BRO 88 C

A44/B4632 East East of 2 T junctions where Stratford road leaves A44. P-L

11 NE Cheltenham


409.98 237.56

52 02.182N      001 51.356W



BSE 102 A

Rail Br/A14 Br where Ipswich line passes over A14, NE side of town. P-L

20 E Cambridge


585.82 265.16

52 15.195N      000 43.254E


A full list of BGA turning points can be downloaded via the British Gliding Association site:

On-route Navigational features and Gliding Clubs:

There are several gliding clubs in range of a high performance glider on this route: Rattlesden, Ridgewell, Gransden Lodge, (Upwood), Sackville Farm, Edgehill, Bidford etc.

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