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503 km Double Out and return for W, WNW, NW winds
Ridgewell to Hus Bos, Rattlesden, Skeffington.
Navigational Information:


Leg From       To                             Distance  Track Mag

1   Ridgewell  HUS Husbands Bosworth Airfield  118 km   296 deg

2   HUS        RAT Rattlesden Airfield         134 km   107 deg

3   RAT        SKE Skeffington A47/B6047 junc  132 km   297 deg

4   SKE        Ridgewell Airfield              119 km   126 deg


Three turnpoints are permitted for diamond distance. This double out and return minimises the retrieve distance, should you land out and is ideal if the best weather is local to SE and midlands. Good for NW winds as it benefits from Cloud streets. Hus Bos is a useful into wind turnpoint, local gliders will mark thermals. Time can be gained by arriving low, rounding the turnpoint, then climbing while drifting downwind on track. Also suitable for light winds.

Unsuitable for northerly winds, due to risk of drifting into Stanstead controlled airspace on last leg if thermals are weak.

Warnings: On the last leg aim for Wratting Common, to avoid accidentally flying into 3500 feet Stanstead controlled airspace near Haverhill.Change course to Ridgewell when low enough not to infringe airspace.

Don't aerotow north or west of Ridgewell - this could reduce the task distance to less than 500km! Brief the tug pilot before take off!

Detailed turnpoint information based on Year 2001 list. (1997 AL4) Last update: 1 March 2001. All details still correct at 13 Jan 2015.



HUS 298 C

Centre of Hangar complex Site of The Soaring Centre (ex-Coventry GC). N side of grass airfield. P-L

11 S Leicester 140

464.88 282.95

52 26.442N    001 02.818W




RAT 453 C##

Control Tower

NE of remaining runway at Rattlesden GC site.

12 NW Ipswich


596.72 256.28

52 10.184N     000 52.513E




SKE 509 C


E of 2 T junctions 100 m apart, 1 NMl W of Village. P-L

7 E Leicester 141

473.06 302.93

52 37.155N    000 55.336W



A full list of BGA turning points can be downloaded via the British Gliding Association site:

On-route Navigational features and Gliding Clubs:

After the first turnpoint the navigation is easy because you fly past the same landmarks four times.

Very similar to flying the 300km to Mendlesham and Hus Bos.(QV)

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