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65 km Silver Distance for South Easterly winds
Ridgewell to Upwood, Nene Valley GC.
Navigational Information:

Leg From        To          Distance  Track Mag

1   Ridgewell  UPW Upwood GC   65 km    315 deg

2   Upwood     Ridgewell  GC   65 km1    35 deg


For this task you will pass close to Cambridge Airport, which has an ILS approach from the North East and South West. Please call Cambridge on 123.6 MHz to advise them of your position and height. We understand that the Head Air traffic controller is a glider pilot, so they understand gliding and would much prefer a call to being left in the dark with an unidentified object on their radar. Having said that, if you are losing height and struggling, the most important thing is to fly the glider and land safely. Communication is a lower priority. If you are already talking to Cambridge, you may be able to land safely there.

Update 2023: We have heard suggestions that Cambridge Airfield maybe re-developed for housing in the next few years,  Therefore the ATZ and ILS may be discontinued in the next few years. Please check.

Ideal for South Easterly winds. Also fine for southerlies. For Easterly winds you must head North towards Stradishall to avoid Stansted airspace and correct for drift.

You can land at Upwood, but if the soaring conditions and visibility are still good, you can fly back to Ridgewell, but please call Cambridge.

Warnings: Beware of 1% rule if aero tow launching. launch height must be no more than 1600 feet.

Detailed Turnpoint information.
The details below are from 13 Jan 2015 Beware, this information has changed since 2001.

Upwood Hangar



Centre of club hangar SW end of grass runway

0.5 NMl N of Upwood Village




526.04 283.22

52 25.947N 000 08.851W




On-route Navigational features and Gliding Clubs:

Cambridge and Newmarket provide good features when you get past Haverhill. The Great Ouse - straight parallel waterways heading North East is very distinctive. This is east of Upwood. The A1 and a parallel railway line form a boundary to the west. If struggling west of Cambridge, you may be in gliding range of Gransden Lodge GC. With 3 grass runways it is difficult to see.



Silo/Hangar Cambridge Club finish point from W & N

10 W Cambridge 153

528.48    255.72

52 11.087N     000 07.328W     GR1

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