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The gold voucher at Essex Gliding Club offers you an unforgettable experience. You will receive a mile high aerotow to 5000 feet where you will experience the best of what our sport has to offer. Gold vouchers will give you the longest flight out of all of our experience options and will leave you with an experience you will never forget!

EGC Gold Aerotow Flight

  • Our gliding vouchers are valid for two years, simply purchase your voucher and contact us via our CONTACT FORM to discuss when you would like to use your voucher and start flying! 

    Vouchers are not transferable and cancellation of a purchased voucher is subject to a 25% administration charge deducted from the price of the purchased voucher. We welcome enquiries so that we may answer any questions before purchase. Please call Tony on: 07538 639772 for all voucher enquiries. If preferred, payment for all vouchers can be taken via calling our office. We look forward to meeting you at our club and sharing the gliding adventure with you!

    Please note we can only carry passengers of maximum weight: 242 lbs or 109.7 Kg - Approximately 6ft 4 ins tall or 193 cm. Please inform the club office if you are over 200 lbs or 91 Kg. If you do not inform us then there is a possibility that you may not be able to fly on your chosen day!

    As with all aviation sports, bookings will be dependent on the weather of the day you book. Unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for bookings that need to be postponed of re-arranged due to weather conditions. 

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